Uttarakhand is renowned for its unique bio-diversity. It is a home to rare species of plants and animals, many of which are protected by sanctuaries and reserves. This Category provides the information, regarding Forests, Illegal Logging and Trade of Forests Products, Plan and Budget, Wildlife and Others.

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Forests - Uttarakhand Forests - Uttarakhand: Diversion of Forest Land - Uttarakhand Forest Carbon Stock - Uttarakhand Forest Cover - Uttarakhand Forest Fires - Uttarakhand Forest Fires - Uttarakhand: Fire Accidents - Uttarakhand Fire Accidents - Uttarakhand: Cooking Gas Cylinder/Stove Burst - Uttarakhand Fire-Arms - Uttarakhand Fireworks/Crackers - Uttarakhand Other Fire Accidents - Uttarakhand Short-circuit - Uttarakhand Total Fire Accidents - Uttarakhand Forest Produce - Uttarakhand Forest Schemes - Uttarakhand Forest Schemes - Uttarakhand: Forest Produce Schemes - Uttarakhand Intensification of Forest Management Scheme (IFMS) - Uttarakhand National Afforestation Programme (NAP) Scheme - Uttarakhand Others - Uttarakhand Scheme for Welfare of Wildlife - Uttarakhand Growing Stock of Forest - Uttarakhand Mangrove Cover - Uttarakhand Others - Uttarakhand Recorded Forest Area (RFA) - Uttarakhand Tree Cover - Uttarakhand
Illegal logging and Trade of Forest Products - Uttarakhand Illegal logging and Trade of Forest Products - Uttarakhand: Animal Poaching - Uttarakhand Illicit Felling of Trees - Uttarakhand Seizure of Forest Produce - Uttarakhand Smuggling of Forest Products and Animals - Uttarakhand
Others - UttarakhandOthers - Uttarakhand
Plan & Budget - UttarakhandPlan & Budget - Uttarakhand
Wildlife - Uttarakhand Wildlife - Uttarakhand: Animals Deaths - Uttarakhand National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries - Uttarakhand Others - Uttarakhand Tiger/Elephant Reserves - Uttarakhand Wild Animals Population - Uttarakhand

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