Large percentage of the workforce of Lakshadweep is engaged in the primary sector. This section provides the information, regarding Child Labour, Civil Services, Employment, Labour Courts, Labour Disputes, Labour Welfare, Professionals, Provident Fund, Trade Unions, Training, Wages, Work Participation Rate, Workforce and Working Abroad.

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Child Labour - Lakshadweep Child Labour - Lakshadweep: Distribution of Child Labour - Lakshadweep National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) - Lakshadweep
Civil Services - Lakshadweep Civil Services - Lakshadweep: Civil Services Examinations - Lakshadweep Strength of IAS Officers - Lakshadweep Strength of IPS Officers - Lakshadweep
Employment - Lakshadweep Employment by Major Industry/Sectors - Lakshadweep: Banking and Insurance - Lakshadweep Central Government Employees - Lakshadweep Civil Aviation Employees - Lakshadweep Factories - Lakshadweep Forestry - Lakshadweep Khadi and Village Industries - Lakshadweep Mining Industries - Lakshadweep Other Industries - Lakshadweep Other Organised Sector - Lakshadweep Petroleum Industries - Lakshadweep Private Sector - Lakshadweep Public Sector - Lakshadweep Public Sector Enterprises - Lakshadweep Railways - Lakshadweep Road Transport Undertakings - Lakshadweep Scheduled Commercial Banks - Lakshadweep Ship-Building/Ship-Repairing Companies - Lakshadweep Shops and Commercial Establishments - Lakshadweep Small Scale Industries (SSI) - Lakshadweep Telecommunications - Lakshadweep Textile Industries - Lakshadweep Workforce in Agricultural Plantation - Lakshadweep Employment - Lakshadweep: Disabled Employment - Lakshadweep Employment by Major Industry/Sectors - Lakshadweep Employment Exchanges - Lakshadweep Employment Exchanges - Lakshadweep: Educated Jobseekers in Employment Exchanges - Lakshadweep Employment Exchange for Disabled Population - Lakshadweep Employment Exchanges for General Population - Lakshadweep Employment Exchanges for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes/Other Backward Classes (SC/ST/OBC) and Minorities - Lakshadweep Employment Exchanges for Women - Lakshadweep Jobseekers Registered in Employment Exchanges - Lakshadweep Survey on Employment Exchanges - Lakshadweep Employment in Informal Sector - Lakshadweep Employment Situation - Lakshadweep Service Sector - Lakshadweep Unemployment Situation - Lakshadweep Women Employment - Lakshadweep Service Sector - Lakshadweep: Operational Characteristics of Unincorporated Non-agricultural Enterprises - Lakshadweep Service Sector Enterprises (Economical) - Lakshadweep Service Sector Enterprises (Operational) - Lakshadweep Technical Report on Services Sector Enterprises - Lakshadweep Unincorporated Non-Agricultural Enterprises in Manufacturing, Trade and Other Service Sector - Lakshadweep Unorganised Service Sector - Lakshadweep Women Employment - Lakshadweep: Women Employment in Organised Sectors by Industry and Branch/Size of Establishments - Lakshadweep Women Employment in Various Sectors - Lakshadweep
Labour Courts - LakshadweepLabour Courts - Lakshadweep
Labour Disputes - Lakshadweep Labour Disputes - Lakshadweep: Annual Labour Disputes - Lakshadweep Monthly Labour Disputes - Lakshadweep
Labour Welfare - Lakshadweep Labour Welfare - Lakshadweep: Labour Welfare under Various Labour Act/Schemes - Lakshadweep Maternity Benefit - Lakshadweep
Professionals - LakshadweepProfessionals - Lakshadweep
Provident Fund - Lakshadweep Provident Fund - Lakshadweep: Financial Performance of Employees Provident Funds Scheme - Lakshadweep