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This section has covered the detail data on Import of Agriculture and Allied Products by India, Imports of Agriculture Commodities vis-à-vis Total National Imports by India, Product-wise Quantity and Value of Imports of Agriculture Imports of Agriculture Products in India, Quantity of Peas and Various Pulses Allocated for Import Quota by India, Import of Soybeans by India, Selected County-wise Import of Agriculture Commodities from India etc.

Foreign Trade Data Table being Added or Updated during current month

Foreign Trade - India [Hide]
Bilateral Trade - IndiaBilateral Trade - India
Bullion Rate - IndiaBullion Rate - India
Customs Export Duties - IndiaCustoms Export Duties - India
Customs Import Duties - IndiaCustoms Import Duties - India
Exchange Rate - India Exchange Rate - India: Foreign Exchange Market - India Month-wise Exchange Rate - India
Exports - India Exports - India: Agricultural Exports - India Agricultural Exports - India: Agricultural Commodities Export - India Cashew Export - India Coffee Export - India Fertilisers Export - India Foodgrains Export - India Horticulture Export - India Jute Export - India Livestocks Export - India Marine Products Export - India Oilmeals Export - India Spices Export - India Sugar Export - India Tea Export - India Tobacco Export - India Automobile Exports - India Automobile Exports - India: Export of Tyre - India Exports of Automobile Items - India Cement and Clinker Exports - India Chemicals Exports - India Chemicals Exports - India: Export of CAPEXIL Products - India Export of Total Chemicals Items - India Cosmetics and Toiletries Products Exports - India Crude Oil and Petroleum Exports - India Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Exports - India Electronics Exports - India Engineering Pruducts Exports - India Essential Oil Products - India Export by Regions/Countries - India Export by Regions/Countries - India: Monthly Export by Regions and Countries - India Yearly Export by Regions and Countries - India Export by States - India Export Performance by Industries - India Export Promotion Schemes - India Forest Products Exports - India Gems and Jewelleries Exports - India Handicrafts Exports - India Iron and Steel Exports - India Metal and Alloys Exports - India Miscellanous - India Ore and Minerals Exports - India Ore and Minerals Exports - India: Country-wise Export of Ore and Minerals - India Export of All Ores and Minerals - India Plastic and Linoleum Products Exports - India Rubber and Leather Products Exports - India Rubber and Leather Products Exports - India: Export of Finished Leather - India Export of Footwear Components - India Export of Leather and Leather Products - India Export of Leather Garments - India Export of Leather Gloves - India Export of Leather Goods - India Export of Saddlery and Harness - India Export of Total Rubber and Leather Products - India Salt Exports - India Textile Exports - India Textile Exports - India: Export of Carpet - India Export of Coir Products - India Export of Fibre/Fabrics/Yarn - India Export of Raw Cotton/Cotton Yarn - India Export of Readymade Garments - India Export of Silk - India Export of Total Textile Items - India Export of Wool/Woolen Cloths - India Total Exports - India Total Exports - India: Monthly Exports from India - India Yearly Exports from India - India
Foreign Trade - India Foreign Trade - India: Miscellaneous - India Monthly Foreign Trade - India Yearly Foreign Trade - India
Imports - India Imports - India: Agricultural Imports - India Agricultural Imports - India: Agricultural Commodities Import - India Cashew Import - India Edible Oil Import - India Edible Oil Import - India: Imports of Total Edible Oils - India Month/Port-wise Edible Oil Import - India Port-wise Refined and Crude Edible Oil Import - India Fertilisers Import - India Fertilisers Import - India: Agency-wise Fertilisers Import - India Country-wise Fertilisers Import - India Port-wise Fertilisers Import - India STE-wise Fertilisers Import - India Total Fertiliser Materials Import - India Foodgrains Import - India Horticulture Import - India Jute Import - India Livestocks Import - India Marine Products Import - India Spices Import - India Sugar Import - India Tea Import - India Tobacco Import - India Cement Imports - India Chemicals Imports - India Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Imports - India Energy Imports - India Gems and Jewelleries Imports - India Imports by Regions/Countries - India Imports by Regions/Countries - India: Monthly Imports by Regions/Countries - India Yearly Imports by Regions/Countries - India Imports by States - India Iron and Steel Imports - India Metal and Alloys Imports - India Miscellaneous - India Non-Edible Oil Imports - India Ore and Minerals Imports - India Petroleum Products Imports - India Petroleum Products Imports - India: Global Comparison with India of Petroleum Product Imports - India Import of Total Petroleum Products - India Rubber and Leather Products Imports - India Textile Imports - India Textile Imports - India: Import of Fibre and Filament Yarn - India Import of Major Textile Items - India Import of Raw Cotton/Cotton Yarn - India Import of Silk - India Import of Wool/Woolen Cloths - India Total Imports - India Total Imports - India: Monthly Imports by India - India Yearly Imports by India - India
Index of Export/Import - India Index of Export/Import - India: Index Number of Export - India Index Number of Export - India: Monthly Index Numbers of Exports - India Quarterly Index Numbers of Exports - India Yearly Index Numbers of Exports - India Index Number of Import - India Index Number of Import - India: Monthly Index Numbers of Imports - India Quarterly Index Numbers of Imports - India Yearly Index Numbers of Imports - India
ITC(HS) Code - IndiaITC(HS) Code - India

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