Chhattisgarh is committed to achieve industrial growth while also protecting the environment. Its private sector is adopting modern processing techniques for clean and resource-efficient production. This category gives in detail about Air Pollution, Environmental Standards, Noise Pollution, Polluting Industries, River Action Plans, Solid Waste and Water Pollution.

Environment and Pollution Data Table being Added or Updated during current month

Environment and Pollution - Chhattisgarh [Hide]
Air Pollution - Chhattisgarh Air Pollution - Chhattisgarh: Air Pollution due to Vehicles - Chhattisgarh Ambient Air Quality Status - Chhattisgarh Miscellaneous Facts about Air Pollution - Chhattisgarh
Environmental Standards - ChhattisgarhEnvironmental Standards - Chhattisgarh
Noise Pollution - ChhattisgarhNoise Pollution - Chhattisgarh
Polluting Industries - ChhattisgarhPolluting Industries - Chhattisgarh
River Action Plans - Chhattisgarh River Action Plans - Chhattisgarh: Ganga Action Plan (GAP) - Chhattisgarh Hydrological Observation by Sites/River Basins - Chhattisgarh Namami Gange Programme (NGP) - Chhattisgarh National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) - Chhattisgarh National River Conservation Plan (NRCP) - Chhattisgarh Others - Chhattisgarh River Valley Projets and Flood Prone River (RVP and FPR) Programme - Chhattisgarh Water Flow by Sites/River Basins - Chhattisgarh
Solid Waste - Chhattisgarh Solid Waste - Chhattisgarh: Bio-Medical Waste (BMW) - Chhattisgarh Hazardous Waste (HW) - Chhattisgarh Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)/Trash/Garbage - Chhattisgarh
Water Pollution - Chhattisgarh Water Pollution - Chhattisgarh: Miscellaneous Facts about Water Pollution - Chhattisgarh National Water Quality Monitoring Programme (NWQMP) - Chhattisgarh National Water Quality Monitoring Programme (NWQMP) - Chhattisgarh: Financial Performance under National Water Quality Monitoring Programme (NWQMP) - Chhattisgarh Ground Water Quality Status - Chhattisgarh Others - Chhattisgarh Water Quality Monitoring Stations - Chhattisgarh Water Quality Status of Drains, Creeks and Canals - Chhattisgarh Water Quality Status of Lakes, Ponds and Tanks - Chhattisgarh Water Quality Status of Medium and Minor Rivers - Chhattisgarh Water Quality Status of Rivers - Chhattisgarh Water Quality Status of Tributaries Streams - Chhattisgarh Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) - Chhattisgarh Water Quality Testing Laboratories (WQTLs) - Chhattisgarh
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