Sample Data Format
 Revenue Receipts of Uttarakhand
(2004-2005 and 2005-2006) 
 (Rs. in Lakh) 
 Items  2004-05 (Budget Estimates)  2004-05 (Revised Estimates)  2004-05 (Accounts)  2005-06 (Budget Estimates)  2005-06 (Revised Estimates)  2005-06 (Accounts) 
 Total Revenue (I+II)             
 I. Tax Revenue (A+B)             
 A. State`s Own Tax Revenue (1 to 3)             
 1. Taxes on Income (i+ii)             
 i) Agricultural Income Tax             
 ii) Taxes on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employment             
 2. Taxes on Property and Capital Transactions (i to iii)             
 i) Land Revenue             
 ii) Stamps and Registration fees             
 iii) Urban Immovable Property Tax             
 3. Taxes on Commodities and Services (i to vii)             
 i) Sales Tax (a to f)             
 a) State Sales Tax             
 b) Central Sales Tax             
 c) Sales Tax on Motor Spirit and Lubricants             
 d) Surcharge on Sales Tax             
 e) Receipts of Turnover Tax             
 f) Other Receipts             
 ii) State Excise             
 iii) Taxes on Vehicles             
 iv) Taxes on Goods and Passengers             
 v) Taxes and Duties on Electricity             
 vi) Entertainment Tax             
 vii) Other Taxes and Duties             
 B. Share in Central Taxes             
 II. Non-Tax Revenue (C+D)             
 C. State`s Own Non-Tax Revenue (1 to 6)             
 1. Interest Receipts             
 2. Dividends and Profits             
 3. General Services             
 of which: State lotteries             
 4. Social Services ( i to ix)             
 i) Education, Sports, Art and Culture             
 ii) Medical and Public Health             
 iii) Family Welfare          
 iv) Housing             
 v) Urban Development             
 vi) Labour and Employment             
 vii) Social Security and Welfare             
 viii) Water Supply and Sanitation             
 ix) Others             
 5. Fiscal Services             
 6. Economic Services ( i to xvii )             
 i) Crop Husbandry             
 ii) Animal Husbandry             
 iii) Fisheries             
 iv) Forestry and Wildlife             
 v) Plantations             
 vi) Co-operation             
 vii) Other Agricultural Programmes             
 viii) Major and Medium Irrigation projects             
 ix) Minor Irrigations             
 x) Power             
 xi) Petroleum             
 xii) Village and Small Industries             
 xiii) Industries@             
 xiv) Ports and Light Houses             
 xv) Road Transport             
 xvi) Tourism             
 xvii) Others*             
 D. Grants from the Centre (1 to 5)             
 1. State Plan Schemes             
 of which: Advance release of Plan Assistance for Natural Calamities             
 2. Central Plan Schemes             
 3. Centrally Sponsored Schemes             
 4. NEC/ Special Plan Scheme             
 5. Non-Plan Grants (a to c)             
 a) Statutory Grants             
 b) Grants for relief on account of Natural Calamities             
 c) Others             
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