Sample Data Format
 Small Savings Schemes in Force in Tripura - Part II
 (April 1991, 1992, September 1993, January 1999, January 2000 and March 2001) 
 Name of the Scheme  Limits of Investment  Rate of Interest
(per cent per annum) 
 Whether interest is Tax free under Income Tax Act  Deduc-
tions under Sec.88 of Income Tax Act $ 
 Amount Out-
standing at end-
March 2000 (Rs. crore) 
 Apr-91  Since
 Since, Sept. 2 1993  Since Jan. 15, 2000  Since Mar. 1, 2001 
 1. Post Office Savings Bank Accounts                   
 2. Public Provident Fund 1968                   
 3. Post Office Time Deposit Account                   
 4. Post Office Recurring Deposit Account                   
 5. National Savings Scheme 1992                   
 6. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme                   
 7. NSC VIII Issue                   
 8. Indira Vikas Patra $$                   
 9. Kisan Vikas Patra                   
 10. Deposit Scheme for Retiring Government Employees 1989/Retiring Employees of Public sector Companies 1991                   
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