Sample Data Format
 Educational Profile of Sikkim
 Particulars  Figures 
 Population as per 2001 census - In ` 000     
 i. Total   
 ii. Female   
 Sch. Castes Population %   
 Sch. Tribes Population %   
 Area (In Sq.Km.)   
 Number of States - 2001   
 Inhabited Villages   
 Density of Population- 2001   
 Sex-Ratio - 2001   
 Education (2000-01)   
 Primary Schools   
 Upper Primary Schools   
 High Schools   
 Sr. Secondary Schools   
 Teachers Training Schools   
 Instt. of National Importance   
 Arts, Sc. & Com. Colleges   
 Engineering Colleges   
 Medical Colleges   
 Enrol (I-V Classes) Total   
 VI-VIII Class : Total   
 IX-X Class : Total   
 XI-XII Classes : Total   
 Literacy %age (2001) : Male   
 Ger Primary : Total   
 Ger UP Primary : Total   
 Habits. Covered (1993-94) : Total   
 By PSS upto 1 Km : %   
 Habits. Covered : Total   
 By UPSS upto 3 Km : %   
 Dropout Rates (2000-01)   
 Pry. Classes : Total   
 Elementary : Total   
 % of expr. On education to total (all sectors) Rev. 2000-01   
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