Sample Data Format
 Socio-Economic Indicator of Rajasthan
(1997 and 2001 to 2003, 2006, 1995-1996 and 2000-2001
to 2002-2003, 2005-2006 and 2006-2007) 
 Item  Year  Unit  Particular 
 Population Total       
 Density of Population       
 Literacy Rate Total       
 Percentage of Urban Population to Total Population       
 Average Size of Operational Holding       
 Gross Irrigated Area to gross Cropped Area       
 Net Irrigated Area to Net Area Sown       
 Net Irrigated Area to Gross Cropped Area       
 Net Area Sown to Total Reporting Area       
 Consumption of Fertilizers Per Hector of Cropped Area       
 Per Capita Food Grain Production *       
 Average Yield Per Hectare of Principal Crops (F)       
 Oil Seed       
 Total Livestock Population       
 Per Capita Consumption of Electricity       
 Percentage of Villages Electrified to Total Villages       
 Well Energized       
 Villages Covered Under Safe Water Supply Schemes       
 Population Served Per Medical Institution        
 Population Served Per Doctor        
 Population Served Per Bad        
 Area Served by Per Medical Institution        
 Population of Children Attending the School in Area Group       
 3-6 Year       
 6-11 Year       
 11-14 Year       
 Road Length Per 100 Sq. Km of Area        
 Road Length Per Per Lakh Population       
 Average Population Served Bank Office+       
 Area Coverage Per Bank       
 The Railway Route Per Lakh of Population@       
 Villages Connected by B.T Roads       
 With Pop. 1500 Above       
 With Pop. 1000-1500       
 With Pop. Below 1000       
 With Pop. Below 500       
 General Wholesale Price Index (Base 1952-53 = 100)       
 General Consumer Price Index (Base 1982=100)       
 General Whole Sale Price Index (Base 1999-2000=100)       
 General Consumer Price Index (Base 2001=100)       
 Per Capita Income (at Current Price) (A)       
 Per Capita Income (at Constant 1993-94 Price) (A)       
 Per Capita Income (at Constant 1990-00 Price)       
 Female Per 1000 of Male       
 Telephone Density (Per Sq. Km.)       
 Telephone Density        
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