Sample Data Format
 Performance of Regional Institute of Ophthalmology
(R.I.O.), under National Programme for Control
of Blindness in West Bengal (Kolkata)
(2000 to 2002) 
 Field of Activity  Achievement 
 Clinical Activities       
 Patients Attending OPD       
 (a) New       
 (b) Old       
 Patients Attending Emergency       
 Patients Admitted       
 (a) Through OPD       
 (b) Through Emergency       
 Total Discharged       
 Surgical Activities (Indoor + Outdoor)       
 Cataract with IOL       
 Retinal Detachment       
 Therapentic Keratoplasty       
 Optical Keratoplasty      
 CP hair Removal       
 Removal of CournealFB       
 Activities of Eye Bank       
 Indoor Operation       
 Outdoor Operation       
 Total Operation       
 No. of Cornea Received       
 No. of Cornea Grafting       
 (a) Therapeutic       
 (b) Optical      
 Enlistment for Grafting       
 Pledge for Eye Donation       
 Activities of Central Mobile Unit       
 Number of Camps held       
 Number of Eyes Screened       
 Number of Cataract Operations       
 Teaching and Training at R.I.O       
 MBBS Students       
 MS Students (3 Sessions x 4)       
 DO Students (2 Sessions x 8)       
 Paramedical Ophthalmic Assistants       
 Workshop on Community Ophthalmology.       
 (a)  Medical Officer` Training       
 Activity of Special Clinics       
 Retina and Vitreous Clinic       
 Cornea Clinic       
 Glaucoma Clinic       
 Contact Lens Clinic       
 Oculoplasty Clinic       
 Squint Clinic       
 Refraction Clinic       
 Ultrasonography Clinic       
 Pathology Clinic       
 Laser Clinic       
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