Sample Data Format
 Industry-wise Growth Rate over Previous Year of Net State Domestic
 Product (NSDP) at Factor Cost by Kind of Economic Activity in Orissa
{(At Current Prices) (1971-1972 to 1980-1981)} 
 (Figures in Percentage) 
 Industry  1971-72  1972-73  1973-74  1974-75  1975-76  1976-77  1977-78  1978-79  1979-80  1980-81 
 Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Forestry and Fishing                     
 Agriculture and¬† Animal Husbandry                     
 Forestry and Logging                     
 Mining and Quarrying                     
 Sub - Total - I Primary                     
 Manufacturing - Registered                     
 Manufacturing - Un-Registered                     
 Electricity, Gas and Water Supply                     
 Sub - Total - II Secondary                     
 Trade, Hotel and Restaurants                     
 Transport, Storage and Communication                     
 Transport by Other Means                     
 Sub - Total - III Tertiary                     
 Financing , Insurance, Real Estate and Business Services                     
 Banking and Insurance                     
 Real Estate, Ownership of Dwelling and Business Services                     
 Community, Social and Personal Services                     
 Public Administration                     
 Other Services                     
 Sub - Total - IV Finance and Services                     
 Total NSDP                     
 Population ( In Lakh)                     
 Per Capita NSDP                     
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