Sample Data Format
 Scheme-wise Physical/Financial Targets and Achievements by Tobacco Board in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
(2015-2016 to 2017-2018) 
 Scheme  Physical Target   No. of Beneficiaries   Physical Achievement   Financial
(Rs. in Lakh) 
 Financial Achievement
(Rs. in Lakh) 
 Andhra Pradesh  Karna-taka  Total   Andhra   Pradesh  Karna-taka  Total   Andhra   Pradesh  Karna-taka  Total   Andhra  Pradesh  Karna-taka  Total 
 Supply of Plant Protection
 Supply of Knapsack Sprayers                           
 Promotion of Advanced
Nursery Management
Techniques for Healthy
Seed Production 
 Supply of Trays and
 Green House with Ultra
Violet (UV) Sheet 
 Permanent Poly Green House                          
 Improvement of Curing
 Improved Design of Furnace
in Barns Ventury Furnace 
 Glass Wool Roof Insulation
of Barns 
 Raising of Fuel for Curing of
Tobacco (No.of Saplings) 
 Post Harvest Product
Management- Measures
for Product Integrity 
 Elimination of NTRMs -
Supply of Tarpaulins 
 Analysis of leaf for Pesticide
 Analysis of Leaf for Chemical
 Construction of Bulking Sheds                           
 Other Extension Programmes                           
 Training to Farmers and Staff                           
 Work Shops                           
 Trng. Progs by Auction
 Trng. Prog to Officers/ Staff
Growers at NIPHM 
 Publicity and Extension
 Study Tours                           
 Field Friend Teams                           
 On Farm Tests and
Experimental Trials 
 Model Project Area
(In Hectare) 
 Supply of Trays and
 Glass Wool Roof
Insulation of Barns 
 Elimination of NTRMs 
Supply of Tarpaulins 
 Training Programmes to
Officers/Staff in MPA 
 Fileld men/Hiring of vehicles/
Salaries/Sign Boards/Banners
and other Expenditure 
 Grand Total                           
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