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 Trade Fairs Organised by ITPO┬áin India
(During 2001) 
 Name  Start Dt.  End Dt.  Product Displayed 
 International Leather Goods Fair 2001
 3/3/01  3/5/01  Bags, handbags, purses, Wallets, Ruck Sacks, folios, brief cases, belts, sports goods, leather upholstery, travelware, industrial leather goods, components of leather goods, hand gloves, industrial gloves, saddlery and harness products, Leather Goods Machinery and Finished Leather. Display of leather shoes, shoe uppers and leather garments will not be allowed. 
 Printpack India 2001
New Delhi-India-March 
 3/9/01  3/14/01  Pre-Press: Photo-type setting machines, desktop publishing system, image makers, colour scanners, camera, plate making systems, process equipment, proofing systems, offset plates - PS and Micro grained etc. 
 Printing Press: Sheet-fed offset machines - single and multi colour, web offset machines suitable for newspapers, periodicals, text books etc. including four colour satellite for newspapers, periodicals, text books etc. including four colour satellite units, Forms press - roll to roll , roll to pack and roll to sheet, in single and multi colours, flexographic, rotogravure printing machines, silk / screen printing machines, hot foil / stamping machines, label printing machines, etc. 
 Post-Press: Paper cutting machines - fully automatic, programmable and semi-automatic, three-knife trimmers, prefect binding machines, thread sewing machines, wire stitching machines, laminating machines, folding machines, die cutting and creasing machines, slitting and rewinding machines, sheeters folding and gluing machines, stackers, conveyor systems etc. 
 Packaging: Corrugating machines, rotary cutting, punching and creasing machine, slotting machines, gluing machines, card board printing machines, sheeter, box stitching machines etc. 
 Aahar 2001
New Delhi-India-March 
 3/17/01  3/21/01  Fresh and processed food products, agricultural and horticultural products, beverages, spices, Indian Snacks. Food processing machinery and equipment, refrigeration machinery, packaging machinery. Requisites for hotels, industrial kitchens and cateens, dispensers, consultancy and publications, F & B equipment, furniture, kitchen equipment, house keeping equipment, decoratives. 
 Millennium Eximpo - 2001
 4/6/01  4/9/01  Misc products like engineering, consumers, leather garments, education, stationery etc 
 Optotech India - 2001
New Delhi-India-April 
 4/20/01  4/22/01  Products related to optical industry 
 Softworld Exhibition on Accounting & Finance
New Delhi-India-April 
 4/25/01  4/26/01  Softwares related to accounting and finance, financial applications budgeting etc. 
New Delhi-India-May 
 5/12/01  5/21/01  Household appliances, electrical appliances, giftware, furnishings, kitchen equipment, cosmetics, jewellery, textiles etc 
 Social Development Fair - 2001
New Delhi-India-May 
 5/15/01  5/21/01  Social & Community Development 
 Infrastructure Investment-2001
 6/20/01  6/23/01  Services, Products related to infrastructure and investment 
 Delhi International Shoe Fair - 2001
New Delhi-India-June 
 6/28/01  7/2/01  Footwear for men, women and children, dress shoes, horachi shoes and sandals, kolhapuri chappals, ballerinas, sandals, components, accessories and manufacturing aids like leather soles, insoles, toe tuffs, counters, clicking knoves, tacks, heels, straps, adhesives, chemicals, footwear manufacturing machines etc. 
 India International Garment Fair
New Delhi-India-July 
 7/14/01  7/16/01  High Fashion Garments 
 Autofest 2001
 7/20/01  7/23/01  Automobile, drive way vehicles, components, spares and equipments 
 Knitting Technology & Services Trade Fair
 7/20/01  7/24/01  Knitting Machinery, Processing Machinery, Sticking Machinery, Embroidery, Yarn, Machinery etc 
 7/27/01  7/29/01  Equipment technology services related to broadcast industry, audio industry, imaging and replication industries, Musical instruments, hardware for cable TV 
 Agri Intex
 8/1/01  8/7/01  Agricultural Machinery, l Food, Pesticides, Crops, Gericulture and to her allied products 
 Sajavat - 2001
New Delhi-India-August 
 8/11/01  8/19/01  Giftware, artificial plants and flowers, crockery and cutlery, leather goods 
 Mumbai Gift Show
 8/15/01  8/19/01  Gift Items 
 E - Business India & Wireless world
New Delhi-India-August 
 8/28/01  8/30/01  Products and Technology related to this sector 
 9/10/01  9/13/01  Musical Instrument, Mixing, Recording, Light Control Equipment 
 Delhi Book Fair - 2001
New Delhi-India-September 
 9/12/01  9/20/01  Books, magazines, maps, teaching aids, computer software 
 Stationery Fair - 2001
New Delhi-India-September 
 9/12/01  9/20/01  Stationery like pencils, pens, copies and commercial stationery items etc 
 Smart Cards Expo- 2001
New Delhi-India-September 
 9/17/01  9/20/01  Technology related to smart cards 
 Water Asia
New Delhi-India-September 
 9/18/01  9/21/01  Products, Technology and Equipments related to water industry 
 9/19/01  9/23/01  Interior decoration and building Material 
 India Internet World - 2001
New Delhi-India-September 
 9/26/01  9/28/01  E mail, Internet and Web Services, Technology and Equipment 
 India Tourism Expo
New Delhi-India-September 
 9/26/01  9/29/01  Related to Tourism Industry in India 
 Heimtextil India
New Delhi-India-October 
 10/4/01  10/7/01  Home Furnishings, made ups 
 International Maritime Expo-2001
 10/10/01  10/13/01  Marine related products, equipments, navigation, dredging equipment( no defence related equipment) 
 Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair - 2001
New Delhi-India-October 
 10/14/01  10/17/01  Handicrafts 
 Pumps & Valves India
 10/18/01  10/21/01  Pumps, valves, pipes and tubes, pipe fittings etc 
 10/19/01  10/21/01  Ornamental Plants, flowering plants, green plants, vegetables, nursery, shrubs, fruitplants, green house, storage system and machinery related to horticulture 
 International Construction Show
New Delhi-India-October 
 10/21/01  10/24/01  Construction related products 
 International Hardware Show
New Delhi-India-October 
 10/28/01  10/31/01  Hardware and allied products 
 Science & Technology India - 2001
New Delhi-India-October 
 10/29/01  10/31/01  Science and Technology products 
 Broadcast India - 2001
 10/30/01  11/3/01  TV, Radio Systems, Audio System, TV lighting Equipment, Broadcast satellite earth station etc 
 Power Tech India-2001
 11/1/01  11/4/01  Plant Machinery. Power Transmission, Co generation, energy, power distribution, conventional and non conventional means of energy 
 Delhi Intl Jewellery & Watch Exhibition - 2001
New Delhi-India-November 
 11/2/01  11/5/01  Precious, Semi Precious and Artificial Jewellery, Stones, Gift wares and Watches. 
 Bride & Groom Show - 2001
New Delhi-India-November 
 11/2/01  11/5/01  Precious, Semi Precious and Artificial Jewellery, Stones, Gift wares and Watches. 
New Delhi-India-November 
 11/4/01  11/6/01  Cosmetics, perfumes, toiletries, herbal, beauty salon, fashion accessories and equipment 
 Chemindia 2001/ Pharma India/Enviyan/Water Tech India-2001
 11/6/01  11/13/01  Chemicals, Chemical Plants, Oil, Gas, Power & Energy, Bulk Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, environment, water management. 
 India International Trade Fair
New Delhi-India-November 
 11/14/01  11/27/01  Information Technology, capital goods, scientific and technological achievements in all sectors of industry, agriculture, telecommunications, infrastructural facilities, services sector, consumer durables, food and food products, textiles & clothing, giftware, kitchen wares, toys, sports goods and equipments, building products, medical and herbal products, leather goods, electronic entertainment products, white wood furniture 
 Technology Export Pavilion
New Delhi-India-November 
 11/14/01  11/27/01  Technical know how developed by Indian Labs 
 Beauty & Health India-2001
 11/28/01  11/30/01  Cosmetics, fashion accessories and health related products 
 IT Asia - 2001
New Delhi-India-December 
 12/5/01  12/8/01  Information Technology Products 
 IT World / COMDEX India - 2001
New Delhi-India-December 
 12/5/01  12/8/01  Information Technology Products 
 International Security Safety & Fire Exhibition - 2001
New Delhi-India-December 
 12/7/01  12/11/01  Security Systems, Gadgets, Instruments Accessories etc 
 12/8/01  12/11/01  Knitwears, Materials, Machinery and Accessories 
 12/8/01  12/11/01  Compressors, valves and accessories 
 Inside Outside Mega Show - 2001
New Delhi-India-December 
 12/12/01  12/15/01  Designer Products and Materials for Architects, Interior Designers, Builders and Contractors, Ceramic Tiles, Bathroom and Sanitary Fittings, Furniture etc. 
 Paperex - 2001
New Delhi-India-December 
 12/14/01  12/17/01  Products Related to Paper Industry 
 Auto Expo - 2002
New Delhi-India-January 
 1/15/02  1/21/02  Products and technology related to Automobile Industry 
 1/21/02  1/26/02  Equipment for power, electricals and related products Machines used for manufacturing 
 Exhibition cum Conference on Entertainment Industry
New Delhi-India-January 
 1/27/02  1/30/02  Will encompass the entire gamut is films, serials, music, magazines, computer industry, entertainment electronics, leisure games and sports etc. 
 15th New Delhi World Book Fair - 2002
New Delhi-India-January 
 1/28/02  2/3/02  Books, magazines, maps, teaching aids, computer software 
 Water Asia - 2002
New Delhi-India-January 
 1/30/02  2/1/02  Water Products 
 Oil & Gas Asia - 2002
New Delhi-India-January 
 1/30/02  2/1/02  Oil Industry 
 India International Leather Fair - 2002
 1/31/02  2/4/02  Machinery for leather tanning, shoe making, dryers, stitching and sewing machines, finishing leather chemicals, effluent treatment, shoes and shoe components like upper soles, non leather soles, rubber soles, counters and synthetic lasts, leather garments, leather goods like travel ware, belts, gloves, portfolios, hand luggages, bags and wallets, semi finished leather, publications & consultancy services. 
 2/1/02  2/7/02  General Machinery, Machine Tools, New Technology 
 2/3/02  2/7/02  Wood working, processing, fitting boards, ply wood, laminates, joinery doors, tool shaping machines, raw millings etc 
 WISITEX - 2002
New Delhi-India-February 
 2/5/02  2/8/02  Related to Tourism Industry in India 
 Indian Handicrafts and Gifts Fair - 2002
New Delhi-India-February 
 2/10/02  2/13/02  Handicrafts 
 Jute India-2002
New Delhi-India-February 
 2/10/02  2/13/02  Products, Technology and Equipments related to Jute / Hesian 
 Carpet Fair-2002
New Delhi-India-February 
 2/10/02  2/13/02  Carpet and Floor Coverings 
 Tex-Styles India 2002
New Delhi-India-February 
 2/10/02  2/13/02  Home Textiles 
 Paint India-2002
 2/14/02  2/16/02  Paint chemicals, material, raw material, industrial coating etc 
New Delhi-India-February 
 2/19/02  2/23/02  Defence Equipments 
 Super Comm - 2002
New Delhi-India-February 
 2/20/02  2/22/02  Related Products 
 Krishi Expo - 2002
New Delhi-India-February 
 2/26/02  2/28/02  Agriculture and related products 
 Aahar - 2002
New Delhi-India-March 
 3/2/02  3/5/02  Processed Foods, processing packing and refrigeration machinery, agricultural products, hotel and restaurant equipments 
 In Optics - 2002
New Delhi-India-March 
 3/3/02  3/5/02  Optical Equipments, Products, Raw Materials, and related products 
 Convergence India - 2002
New Delhi-India-March 
 3/6/02  3/8/02  Products and Technology related to Broadcast Cable Satellite, Communication and Information Technology 
 International Leather Goods Fair
 3/9/02  3/11/02  Bags, hand bags, purses, wallets, ruck sacks, folios, brief cases, belts, sports goods, up holstery, travel ware, gloves, industrial leather goods, saddlery and harness, small leather goods, linings and accessories. 
 Chemtech World Expo-2002
 11/19/02  11/24/02  Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas power, energy, petro chemicals and related products 
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