Sample Data Format
 Approvals for Overseas Acquisition where Indian Stake in the
Foreign Firm is 50% or More
(From 1.1.2000 to 31.7.2000) 
 (Amount in US $ Million) 
 Indian Promoter  Date of Approval  Country  Equity  Loan  Guarantee  %  Activity 
 Wockhardt Ltd.               
 Strides Acrolab Ltd.               
 Jenson & Nicholson (I) Ltd.               
 Berger Paints India Ltd.               
 Teamasia Semicondoctors Ltd.               
 Real Time Holdings Ltd.               
 Goa Carbons Ltd.               
 System America (I) Pvt. Ltd.               
 Arasan International Pvt Ltd.               
 BFL Software Ltd.               
 Synergy Log-in Systems Ltd.               
 Ind-Telesoft Pvt Ltd.               
 Subex System Ltd.               
 Ind-Telesoft Pvt Ltd.               
 GE Indian Services Holding Pvt Ltd.               
 Shriram Global Technologies Ltd.               
 Boston Management Consultants Pvt Ltd.               
 Leading Edge Systems Ltd.               
 Genesys Technology Ltd.               
 Rave Technologies (P) Ltd.               
 KLG Systels Ltd.               
 Zee Telefilms Ltd.               
 Modi Entertainment Network Ltd.               
 Maersk India Ltd.               
 Dataline Transcription Pvt Ltd.               
 Tata Tea Ltd.               
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