Sample Data Format
 Term Loans Sanctioned under Various Scheme/Various Priorities by 
Gujarat State Financial Corporation 
(1997-98 to 2001-02) 
 (Rs. in Lakh) 
 Scheme  1997-98   1998-99   1999-2000   2000-01   2001-2002   Aggregate since Introduction of Scheme 
 No.  Amo-
 No.  Amo-
 No.  Amo-
 No.  Amo-
 No.  Amo-
 No.  Amo-
 Various Scheme                                                          
 Backward Communities                                                                 
 (a) SC Entrepreneurs                         
 (b) ST Entrepreneurs                         
 (c) SEBC (Baxipanch)                         
 2. Women                         
 (a) Woman Entrepreneurs                         
 (b) Mahila Udhyan Nidhi (MUN)                         
 3. Doctors                         
 (a) Doctor Scheme                         
 (b) Hospital/Nursing Home                         
 (c) Doctor`s Friends Scheme                         
 4. Non Resident Indians                         
 5. National Equity Fund (NEF)                         
 6. Modernisation Scheme                         
 7. Equipment Finance Scheme                         
 8. Gold Card                         
 9. Technology Development & Modernisation Scheme                         
 10. Technology/Development & Modernisation Scheme                         
 10. High Tech                         
 12. Herilage Hotel                         
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