Sample Data Format
 Export of Agricultural Products from India
(2014-2015 to 2019-2020-upto October 2019) 
 (Quantity : In Tonne; Value : Rs. in Crore) 
 Commodities  2014-2015   2015-2016   2016-2017   2017-2018   2018-2019   2019-2020$ 
 Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value 
 Alcoholic Beverages                         
 Animal Casings                         
 Basmati Rice                         
 Rice (Other than Basmoti)                         
 Ayush and Herbal Products                         
 Buffalo Meat                         
 Cashew Nut Shell Liquid                         
 Castor Oil                         
 Cereal Preparations                         
 Cocoa Products                         
 Cotton Raw Incld. Waste                         
 Dairy Products                         
 Fresh Fruits                         
 Fresh Vegetables                         
 Fruits/Vegetable Seeds                         
 Jute Hessian                         
 Jute, Raw                         
 Marine Products                         
 Milled Products                         
 Misc Processed Items                         
 Niger Seeds                         
 Non-Basmati Rice                         
 Natural Rubber                         
 Oil Meals                         
 Other Cereals                         
 Other Meat                         
 Other Oil Seeds                         
 Poultry Products                         
 Processed Fruits & Juices                         
 Processed Meat                         
 Processed Vegetables                         
 Sesame Seeds                         
 Sheep/Goat Meat                         
 Tobacco Manufactured                         
 Tobacco Unmanufactured                         
 Total Agricultural Exports                         
 Total National Exports                         
 Vegetable Oils                         
 %age Share of Agricultural
Exports in National Exports 
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