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 State-wise Academic Terms and Vacation Periods of School Education in India
(2004-2005 and 2005-2006) 
 States/UTs  Academic Period  Vacation Periods 
 2004-05  2005-06 
 Andhra Pradesh       
 Arunachal Pradesh       
 Himachal Pradesh       
 Jammu & Kashmir       
 Madhya Pradesh       
 i) January to December in case of Primary/ Middle/High Schools  i) Recess: 29.05.2004  i) 30.04.2005 to 03.05.2005 
 ii) Recess: 28.08.2004  ii) 26.08.2005 to 31.08.2005 
 iii) Recess: 11.12.2004  ii) 10.12.2005 to 16.01.2006 
 ii) April to March in Case of Higher Secondary Schools     i) 24.05.2005 to 25.05.2005 
   ii) 16.09.2005 to 19.09.2005 
   iii) 16.12.2005 to 16.01.2006 
 Nagaland    February to December   i) Summer Vacation: 14 to 30th June, 2004  i) Summer vacation: 14th to 30th June, 2005 
 ii) Winter Vacation: 20th December 2004 to 31st January, 2005  ii) Winter Vacation: 20th December 2005 to 31st January, 2006 
 Orissa   April to March  i) Primary/Middle- 83 days  i) Primary / Middle- 83 days 
 ii) High/Higher Secondary- 82 days  ii) High / Higher Secondary- 82 days 
 Tamil Nadu       
 Uttar Pradesh       
 West Bengal       
 Andaman & Nicobar Islands       
 Dadra&   . Nagar Haveli       
 Daman & Diu       
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