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 New Books Printed for Classes I, III, VI, IX, and XI by National Council of Educational¬† Research and Training (NCERT) in India
 Title  Class  Print Order for the Session 2002-2003 
 Learning English Book-I     
 Workbook Learning English Book-I     
 Let`s Learn Mathematics Book-I     
 Aao Ganit Shikha I     
 Learning English Book-III     
 Workbook Learning English Book-III     
 Let`s Learn Mathematics Book-III     
 Aao Ganit Shikhen III     
 Let`s Look Around & Learn-EVS     
 Dekhe Kare Aur Seekhe (Hindi Version) (EVS)     
 Modern English (Textbook)     
 Supplementary Reader (Modern English Class-VI)     
 Work Book Modern English     
 Shreyasi Bhag-I, Texbook (for General Students)     
 Mathematics Class VI     
 Science & Technology     
 Sanskrit Dhara Bhag -I (Composite Course with Hindi)     
 Vigyan Aur Pradhoki     
 Steps to English     
 A Mosaic of Life (Supplementary Reader)     
 Work Book Steps to English     
 Mathematics Class IX     
 Ganit Class IX     
 Science & Technology     
 Introducing Sociology, Textbook     
 Sanskrit Mandakini, Textbook     
 Introduction to Statistics, Textbooks     
 Business Studies, Textbooks     
 Accountancy, Textbook     
 English with a Purpose Textbook (Core)     
 Working with English (Workbook)     
 Horizon - An Anthology of Short Stories (Elective)     
 Wings of Poesy - An Anthology of English Poems (Elective)     
 Sanskrit Sanjivani, Textbook     
 Indian Economic Development     
 Physical Geography, Textbook     
 Practical Geography     
 Political Science - An Introduction     
 Business Studies, Textbook     
 Physics Class XI     
 Biology Class XI     
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Provides election data for all 543 parliamentary and 4120 state assembly constituencies
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Twenty years of serving socio-economic and electoral research fraternity in india and abroad.
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