Sample Data Format
 Sector-wise work Done by┬áCentral Coal-Field Limited (CCL) under Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR) in India
 Sector/Sub-Sector  Achievement  Unit  Amount Spent
(Rs. in Lakh) 
 Number of
 Community Hall         
 Yatri Shed         
 Miscellaneous (Ghat,
Shed, Toilet, Drain, etc.) 
 Drinking water         
 Hand Pump         
 Deep Bore Hole         
 Misc. (Pipe Fitting,
Tanker etc.) 
 Classroom Construction         
 Boundary Wall Construction         
 Adoption of Dropout Student         
 CCl Ke Lal         
 Dist. of Edu. Sport Items         
 Misc. (Toilet in School,
Repair of School etc.) 
 Operation Jyoti         
 Health Awareness Camp         
 General Health Camp         
 Special Camp         
 Check Dam         
 Carbon Foot Print         
 Rain Water Harvesting         
 Social Emp./Skill Dev.         
 Tailoring and Embroidery         
 Computer Training         
 Driving Training         
 Farmer Training         
 Bare Foot Manager         
 Misc. (Dist of Swing Machine,
Computer Carbon Foot Print etc.) 
 Sports and Culture         
 Village Football         
 Dev. of Playground         
 Encouragement by Prizes         
 Food Grain Distribution         
 Music Programme         
 Cooking Gas         
 Grand Total         
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