Sample Data Format
 Revenue Receipts of India (Centre)
(1982-83 to 1988-89) 
 (Rs. in Lakh) 
 Items  1982-83  1983-84  1984-85  1985-86  1986-87  1987-88  1988-89 
 Tax Revenue               
 Direct Taxes               
 Corporation Tax               
 Taxes on Income Other Than Corporation               
 Tax (Net)               
 Gross Collection               
 Less States` Share               
 Estate Duty (Net)               
 Gross Collection               
 Less States` Share               
 Interest Tax               
 Wealth Tax               
 Gift Tax               
 Land Revenue               
 Hotel Receipts Tax               
 Gross Collection               
 Less States` Share               
 Expenditure Tax Act 1987               
 Indirect Taxes               
 Of Which               
 Export Duty               
 Union Excise Duties (Net)               
 Gross Collection               
 (Of Which Additional Excise Duties in Lieu of Sales Tax)               
 Less States` Share               
 State Excise Duties               
 Stamps & Registration Fees               
 Sales Tax               
 Taxes on Vehicles               
 Taxes on Goods & Passengers               
 Taxes & Duties on Electricity               
 Non - Tax Revenue               
 Net Contribution of Public Undertakings               
 Posts & Telegraphs               
 Profits of RBI               
 Overseas Communication Services               
 Opium & Alkaloid Factories               
 Power Projects               
 Road & Water Transport Services               
 Delhi Milk Supply Scheme               
 Defence Services Canteen Stores Department               
 Atomic Energy Industrial Project               
 Profits from Export of
 Profits on Export of Castor Oil & Molasses               
 Discount / Royalty on Crude Oil               
 Profits on Imports of Edible Oils               
 Dividends from Non - Departmental Undertakings               
 Radio & T. V. Comm. Service (Net)               
 Light House & Light Ships (Net)               
 Interest Receipts               
 States & Union Territories               
 Posts & Telegraphs               
 Other Interest Receipts               
 Fiscal Receipts               
 Currency, Coinage and Min               
 Other Fiscal Services               
 General Services (Excl. Defence Receipts)               
 Social & Community Services               
 Economic Services               
 External Grants               
 Aid Material and Equipment
(i.e. Foreign Grants in Kind) 
 External Grants Assistance (Cash)               
 Self Balancing Items               
 Total Revenue Receipts               
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