Sample Data Format
 Financial Performance of Selected Drugs and Pharmaceutical Companies in India
(1995-1996 to 2000-2001) 
 (Rs. in Crore) 
 Company  1995-96   1996-97   1997-98   1998-99   1999-00   2000-01 
 Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net
 ACE Laboratories                         
 Abbott Lab                         
 Albert David                         
 Ambalal Sarabhai                         
 Astra I D L                         
 Burrough Welcome                         
 Cheminor Drugs                         
 Core Healthcare                         
 Dee Pharma                         
 Dr. Reddy`s                         
 Duphar Interfran                         
 E Merck                         
 Fulford (India)                         
 German Remedies                         
 Glaxo India                         
 Guj Lyka                         
 Hoechst Marion                         
 Infar India                         
 J B Chemical                         
 Li-Taka Pharma                         
 Lyka Labs                         
 M J Pharma                         
 Knoll Pharma                         
 Nicholas Piramal                         
 Paam Pharma                         
 Rhone Poulenc                         
 Orchid Chem                         
 Sun Pharma                         
 SOL Pharma                         
 T N Dadha                         
 Torrent Pharma                         
 Unichem Labs                         
 Wyeth sederle                         
 Smith B. Pharma                         
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