Sample Data Format
 Financial Performance of Selected Companies in Textile and Related Industries in India
(2001-2002 to 2010-2011) 
 (Rs. in Crore) 
 Company  2001-2002   2002-2003   2003-2004   2004-2005   2005-2006   2006-2007   2007-2008   2008-2009   2009-2010   2010-2011 
 Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net  Sales  Net  Sales  Net  Sales  Net  Sales  Net  Sales  Net 
 Cotton Textiles                                         
 Arvind Mills                                         
 Bombay Dyeing                                         
 Lakshmi Mills                                         
 Loyal Text                                         
 Morarjee Realties Goculdas                                         
 Super Sales Ind.                                         
 Super Spinning                                         
 Super Syncotex                                         
 Textile Machinery                                         
 Indian Card Cloth                                         
 Lakshmi Auto                                         
 Lakshmi Machines works                                         
 Stovec Inds                                         
 Manmade Textiles                                         
 Century Enka                                         
 J C T                                         
 Pasupati Acrylon                                         
 Indian Acrylics                                         
 S R F Ltd                                         
 Welspun India                                         
 J K Synthetics                                         
 NRC Ltd                                         
 Winsome Textiles                                         
 Other Textiles                                         
 Garden Silk                                         
 Garware Wall                                         
 Himatsingka Seid                                         
 Nahar Spg                                         
 RSWM Ltd.                                         
 Ruby Mills                                         
 Shamken Multifab                                         
 Siyaram Silk                                         
 Vardhaman Polytex                                         
 Textile Spinning                                         
 Eurotex Inds                                         
 Ginni Filaments                                         
 Indo Count Ind                                         
 Indo Rama Synt                                         
 Mahavir Spg                                         
 Malwa Cotton                                         
 Maral Overseas                                         
 Rajapalayam Mills                                         
 Suryalakshmi Cotton                                         
 Vardhaman Spg                                         
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