Sample Data Format
 Financial Performance of Selected Companies in Food and Food Processing Industries in India
(2001-2002 to 2010-2011) 
 (Rs. in Crore) 
 Company  2001-2002   2002-2003   2003-2004   2004-2005   2005-2006   2006-2007   2007-2008   2008-2009   2009-2010   2010-2011 
 Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit 
 Balaji Distilleries                                         
 Jagatjit Inds                                         
 Khoday India                                         
 United Spirits                                         
 Shaw Wallace                                         
 United Brewries                                         
 Food Products                                         
 Britannia Inds                                         
 Parry`s Confec                                         
 Glaxo Smith CHL                                         
 Solvent Ext                                         
 A V T Natural Prod                                         
 Amrit Banaspati                                         
 Godrej Foods                                         
 Guj Ambuja Exp                                         
 I V P                                         
 Ruchi Soya                                         
 Madhusudan Ind                                         
 Andhra Sugar                                         
 Balarampur Chini                                         
 Bannari Amman                                         
 Dhampur Sugar                                         
 Dharani Sugars                                         
 K C P                                         
 Oudh Sugar                                         
 Rajshree Sugar                                         
 Nahar Sugar                                         
 Simbhaoli Sugar                                         
 Thiru Arooran                                         
 Upper Ganges                                         
 Ugar Sugar Work                                         
 AFT Inds                                         
 Apeejay Tea                                         
 Adrew Yule                                         
 Assam Brooke                                         
 Assam Co                                         
 B & A Plantations                                         
 Bombay Burmah                                         
 Dhunseri Tea                                         
 Goodricke Group                                         
 Harrisons Malaya Lam                                         
 Jay Shree Tea                                         
 Tata Tea                                         
 Warren Tea                                         
 G T C Inds                                         
 Godfrey Phillip                                         
 I T C                                         
 V S T Industries                                         
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