Sample Data Format
 Financial Performance of Selected Companies Chemical and 
Petrochemical Industries in India
(1995-1996 to 2000-2001) 
 (Rs. in Crore) 
 Company  1995-96   1996-97   1997-98   1998-99   1999-00   2000-01 
 Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit  Sales  Net Profit 
 Bihar Caustic                         
 Guj Alkalies                         
 Guj Heavy Chem                         
 Kanoria Chem                         
 Modi Alkalies                         
 Punjab Alkalies                         
 Sree Rayal Seema                         
 Tata Chemicals                         
 Tuticorin Alka                         
 Carbon Black                         
 Cabot India                         
 Carbon & Chem                         
 Philips Carbon                         
 Goa Carbons                         
 Albright & Wilson                         
 Borax Morarji                         
 Deepak Nitrite                         
 Grauer & Weil                         
 Nalco Chem                         
 National Peroxide                         
 Tanfac Inds                         
 Transpek Inds                         
 Dyes & Pigments                         
 Colour Chem                         
 Mardia Chem                         
 Jaysynth Dyechem                         
 Metrochem Inds                         
 Sudarshan Chem                         
 Vanavil Dyes                         
 Fertilisers (P)                         
 Dharmsi Morarji                         
 Rama Phosphate                         
 Varinder Agro                         
 Fertilisers (N)                         
 Coromandel Fer                         
 Deepak Fertilisers                         
 Godavari Fert.                         
 Indo Gulf  Corp.                         
 Mangalore Chem.                         
 Nagarjuna Fert.                         
 Chambal Fertilisers                         
 National Fertilisers                         
 Rashtriya Chemicals                         
 Zuari Inds                         
 Industrial Gases                         
 Bhoruka Gases                         
 Bombay Oxygen                         
 Guj. Flurochem                         
 Hind Gas                         
 BOC India                         
 Superior Air                         
 Industrial Oxygen Co.                         
 Century Laminates                         
 India Gypsum                         
 Kitply Inds.                         
 I B P                         
 Castrol India                         
 Tide Water Oil                         
 Gulf Oil India                         
 Jai Corp                         
 Cosmo Films                         
 Essel Packg                         
 Flex Inds                         
 Garware Poly                         
 Kaira Can                         
 Paper Products                         
 Rishi Packers                         
 Siltap. Chem                         
 T P I India                         
 Karur KCP Pack                         
 Maniyar Plast                         
 Marvel Inds                         
 Polyplex Corp.                         
 RAS Propak Lami                         
 Rotoflex Inds                         
 Asian Paints                         
 Berger Paints                         
 Goodlass Nerolac                         
 Jensen & Nicholson                         
 Shalimar Paints                         
 Rajdoot Paints                         
 Snowcem India                         
 P.I. Industries                         
 Bayer India                         
 Cyanamid Agro                         
 Excel Inds                         
 Monsanto Chem                         
 Sabero Organics                         
 Novartis India                         
 United Phospho                         
 Hoechst Schering                         
 Bhansali Eng                         
 Ganesh Anhydride                         
 Ganesh Benzoplast                         
 I G Petrochem                         
 India Glycols                         
 Indu- Nissan                         
 Manali Petro                         
 Mysore Petro                         
 N O C I L                         
 Rama Petrochem                         
 Thirumalai Chem                         
 Bayer A B S                         
 Brite Automotive                         
 Finolex Inds                         
 Chemplast Sanmar                         
 Nilkamal Plast                         
 Sanghi Inds                         
 Padmini Technology                         
 Pearl Polymers                         
 Prakash Ind                         
 Premier Vinyl                         
 Supreme Ind                         
 Supreme Petrochem                         
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