Sample Data Format
 Banking Sector at a Glance in India
(2015-2016 and 2016-2017) 
 (Amount : Rs. in Billion) 
 Items  Amount Outstanding   Percentage Variation 
 2015-2016  2016-2017  2015-2016  2016-2017 
 1. Balance Sheet Operations         
 Total Liabilities/Assets          
 Loans and Advances          
 off-Balance Sheet Exposure (As Percentage of On-Balance Sheet Liabilities)          
 Total Consolidated International Claims          
 2. Profitability         
 Net Profit          
 Return on Asset (Roa) (Per Cent)          
 Return on Equity (Roe) (Per Cent)          
 Net Interest Margin (Nim) (Per Cent)          
 3. Capital Adequacy         
 Capital To Risk Weighted Assets Ratio (Crar)         
 Tier I Capital (As Percentage of Total Capital)         
 Crar (Tier I)  (Per Cent)         
 4. Asset Quality         
 Gross Npas          
 Net Npas          
 Gross Npa Ratio (Gross Npas As Percentage of Gross Advances)         
 Net Npa Ratio (Net Npas As Percentage of Net Advances)          
 Provision Coverage Ratio (Per Cent)         
 Slippage Ratio (Per Cent)          
 5. Sectoral Deployment of Bank Credit         
 Gross Bank Credit         
 Personal Loans         
 6. Technological Development          
 Total Number of Credit Cards (In Million)         
 Total Number of Debit Cards (In Million)         
 Number of Atms         
 7. Customer Services          
 Total Number of Complaints Received During The Year         
 Total Number of Complaints Addressed         
 Percentage of Complaints Addressed         
 8. Financial Inclusion          
 Credit-Deposit Ratio (Per Cent)         
 Number of New Bank Branches Opened         
 Number of Banking Outlets In Villages (Total)         
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