Sample Data Format
 Status of Annual Plan (Projections) in Goa
(During 1999-2000) 
 (Rs. in Crore) 
 Resources  Annual Plan Estimates 1999-2000 
 States Own Resources (1to12)    
 1. Balance From Current Revenues (of which ARM)   
 2. Contribution of Public Enterprises   
 i) State Electricity Department   
 (of which ARM)   
 ii) Road Transport Corporation   
 (of which ARM)   
 iii) Other Enterprises (specify)   
 (of which ARM)   
 3.  State Provident Funds (Of Which Impounding of Arrears)   
 4. Misc. Capital Receipts (Net)   
 5. Special Grants Under TFC   
 a) Upgradation Grants   
 b) Grants for Special Problem   
 c) Grants for Local Bodies   
 6. Loans Against Small Savings   
 7. Net Market Borrowings (SLR)   
 8. Negotiated Loans and Other Finances   
 i LIC/GIC   
 ii NABARD   
 iii REC   
 V Other Finances (HUDCO)   
 9. Debenture/Bonds   
 10. ARM Agreed at DY. Chairman Level Discussions   
 11. Net Surplus From Local Bodies   
 12. Adjustment of Opening Balance   
 B Total Central Assistance (13 to15)   
 13. Normal (Formula Based) Central Assistance   
 14. ACA For Externally Aided Projects   
 15. Others   
 c)  Aggregate Plan Resources (a+b)   
 d)  Approved plan Outlay   
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