Sample Data Format
 Status of Disposed Cases (Original Application) in Debt Recovery Tribunals (DRTs) in India
(April 2009 to March 2014) 
 (Amount : Rs. in Crore) 
 DRTs  Apr.-Dec., 2009   Jan.-Dec., 2010   Jan.-Dec., 2011   Jan.-Dec., 2012   Jan.-Dec., 2013   March, 2014 
 Cases Disposed No.  Case Disposed Amt.  Cases Disposed No.  Case Disposed Amt.  Cases Disposed No.  Case Disposed Amt.  Cases Disposed No.  Cases Disposed Amt.  Cases Disposed No.  Cases Disposed Amt.  Balance Pending No.  Balance Amount 
 DRT Ahmedabad 1                         
 DRT Ahmedabad 2                         
 DRT Allahabad                         
 DRT Aurangabad                         
 DRT Bangalore                         
 DRT Chandigarh 1                         
 DRT Chandigarh 2                         
 DRT Chennai 1                         
 DRT Chennai 2                         
 DRT Chennai 3                         
 DRT Coimbatore                         
 DRT Cuttack                         
 DRT Delhi 1                         
 DRT Delhi 2                         
 DRT Delhi 3                         
 DRT Ernakulam                         
 DRT Guwahati                         
 DRT Hyderabad                         
 DRT Jabalpur                         
 DRT Jaipur                         
 DRT Kolkata 1                         
 DRT Kolkata 2                         
 DRT Kolkata 3                         
 DRT Lucknow                         
 DRT Madurai                         
 DRT Mumbai 1                         
 DRT Mumbai2                         
 DRT Mumbai 3                         
 DRT Nagpur                         
 DRT Patna                         
 DRT Pune                         
 DRT Ranchi                         
 DRT Visakhapatnam                         
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