Sample Data Format
 Crime Head-wise Disposal of Cases of Crime/Atrocities Against Scheduled Tribes by Police in India - Part II
 Crime Head  Final Report   Chargesheets Submitted 
 Cases Ended
as FR Non
 Cases Ended
as Final
Report False 
 Cases Ended
as Mistake
of Fact or of
Law or Civil
 Cases True
but Insuffi-
cient Evidence
or Untraced or
No Clue 
 Total#  Cases Charge-
sheeted Out
of Cases from
Previous Year 
 Cases Charge-
sheeted Out of
Cases during
the Year 
 I. SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act                   
 A. Murder                   
 B. Attempt to Commit Murder                   
 C. Simple Hurt                   
 D. Grievous Hurt                   
 i. Grievous Hurt                   
 ii. Acid Attack                   
 iii. Attempt to Acid Attack                   
 iv. Other Grievous Hurt                   
 E. Assault on Women with Intent to Outrage her Modesty                   
 a. Assault on Women                   
 i. Assault on Women with Intent to Outrage her Modesty                   
 ii. Sexual Harassment                   
 iii. Assault or Use of Criminal Force on Women with Intent to Disrobe                   
 iv. Voyeurism                   
 v. Stalking                   
 b. Assault of Children                   
 F. Insult to the Modesty of Women                   
 G. Kidnapping and Abduction                   
 a. Kidnapping and Abduction                   
 i. Missing Children Deemed as Kidnapped                   
 ii. Other Kidnapping & Abduction                   
 b. Kidnapping and Abduction for the Purpose of Begging                   
 c. Kidnapping and Abduction in Order to Murder                   
 d. Kidnapping for Ransom                   
 e. Kidnapping and Abduction of Women to Compel her for Marriage                   
 f. Procuration of Minor Girls                   
 g. Other Kidnapping & Abduction                   
 H. Rape                   
 a. Rape of Women                   
 b. Rape of Children                   
 I. Attempt to Commit Rape                   
 J. Riots                   
 K. Robbery                   
 L. Dacoity                   
 a. Dacoity with Murder                   
 b. Dacoity                   
 M. Arson                   
 N. Criminal Intimidation                   
 O. Other IPC crimes                   
 II. SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act Only                   
 A. Intentionally Insult or Intimidate with Intent to Humiliate                   
 B. Occupy/Disposes Land Belongs to SCs/STs                   
 C. Prevent or Deny or Obstruct Usage of Public Place/Passage                   
 D. Force to Leave Place of Residence/Social Boycott                   
 E. Other Offences                   
 Total of SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act                   
 Protection of Civil Rights Act                   
 Crime/Atrocities Against STs                   
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