Sample Data Format
 Quantity and Value of Overseas Traffic Handled at Visakhapat Port
(1998-1999, 1999-2000 and 2002-2003 to 2005-2006) 
 (Quantity in ` 000 Tonne, Value in Rs. in Lakh) 
 Commodity  1998-99   1999-2000   2002-03   2003-04   2004-05   2005-06 
 Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value  Quantity  Value 
 Dry Bulk¬†¬†                         
 Iron ore                         
 Manganese ore                         
 Ferro products                         
 Charge chrome                         
 Silicon manganese ore                         
 Cement clinker                         
 Alumina powder                         
 Iron pellets                         
 Soybean extract                         
 Petroleum coke                         
 Ilmenite Sand                         
 Rice Bran Bulk                         
 Granualated Salg                         
 F.M. Ore                         
 Break Bulk                         
 Pig iron                         
 Iron and Steel                         
 Alumina ingots                         
 Granite blocks                         
 Ferro Products                         
 General Cargo                         
 Feld Spar Bags                         
 B.F. Slag Bags                         
 Soyabean Extracts                         
 Allumina (bags)                         
 Ammonium nitrate (bags)                         
 Silicon manganese                         
 Liquid Bulk:                         
 Miscellaneous Cargo                         
 Ethylene glycol                         
 Soya Oil                         
 Container Cargo:                         
 Total Export                         
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