Sample Data Format
 Commodity-wise Container, General Cargo and Level of Containerisation (Unloaded) at Major Port (Visakhapatnam) in Andhra Pradesh
 Commodities  General Cargo (In ` 000 Tonne)   % Share of Commodities in Total Container Cargo  % Share of Commodities in Total General Cargo  Level of Containerisa-
tion % of Containerisa-
tion to General Cargo 
 Container Cargo  Total General Cargo 
 Iron & Steel           
 Metal & Metal Products.           
 Paper, Newsprints etc.           
 Plastic & its products           
 Machinery/Instrument and Transport equipments.           
 Textiles (Cotton, Silk, Synthetic) Yarn etc.           
 Hair and wool           
 Rubber and its products.           
 Oil, fats etc.           
 Foodgrain (Cereals and Pulses)           
 Fertiliser & FRM           
 Industrial Alcohol & Spirits (Non potable)           
 Drugs & Medicines           
 Timber & Log           
 a) Carbon Materials           
 b) Miscellaneous           
 All Commodities           
 Tare Weight           
 Transhipment incl. tare wt.           
 Grand Total           
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