Sample Data Format
 Component-wise Physical Achievement under
National Livestock Mission (NLM) in India
(2017-2018 to 2019-2020-upto December 2019) 
 Components  Physical
 Beneficiaries Covered under Rural Backyard
Poultry Development Scheme (In Nos.) 
 Mother Unit Established (In Nos.)   
 State Poultry Farm Assisted (In Nos.)   
 Beneficiaries Covered under Innovative Poultry Productivity Project (In Nos.)   
 Strengthening of Sheep/Goat/Rabbit Farms   
 Conservation of Threatened Breed   
 Cluster Base Mass Deworming Programme   
 Ram/Buck/Boar Show   
 Propagation of Artificial Insemination   
 Genetic Improvement of Goat (GIG)   
 Genetic Improvement of Sheep (GIS)   
 Breed Improvement by Introduction of Exotic Sheep   
 Rural Backyard Programme for Goat   
 Rural Backyard Programme for Sheep   
 Innovative Pig Development Project for
North Eastern States (IPDPNE) 
 Rural Backyard Programme for Pig   
 Modernisation and Pig Breeding Infrastructure   
 Establishment of Carcass Utilisation/Plant/
Rural Slaughter House. 
 Strengthening of State Pig Breeding Farms   
 Support to Breeding Programmes   
 Propagation of Reproductive Technologies   
 Distribution Offhand Driven Chaff Cutter (In Nos.)   
 Distribution of Power Driven Chaff Cutter (In Nos.)   
 Fodder Seeds Production, Procurement and
Distribution (In Tonne) 
 Silage Making Units (In Nos.)   
 Risk Management and Livestock Insurance   
 Training and Capacity Building   
 Regional Livestock Fair   
 Livestock Mela   
 Farmers Exposure Visit Programme   
 Exposure Visit of Livestock Extension Facilitator   
 Poultry Venture Capital Fund (PVCF) EDEG   
 Integrated Development for Small Ruminants
and Rabbits (IDSRR) EDEG 
 Pig Development EDEG   
 Salvaging & Rearing of Male Buffalo Calves EDEG   
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