This section provides the detail data about Subsidy Allocated/Sanctioned/Disbursed for Development of Co-operatives under Central Sector Integrated Scheme on Agricultural Cooperation (CSISAC) by National Cooperative Development Corporation, Assistance Sanctioned/Disbursed by National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) to Cooperatives, Disbursement of Loan by Rural Cooperative Banks (RCBs), Target and Achievement of Programmes conducted by National Council for Cooperative Training (NCCT), Number of Societies Registered under Multi-State Co-operative Societies (MSCS), Storage Capacity of Cooperative Sectors (NCDC/PACS/NAFED), Number of Fisheries Cooperative Societies by Level and their Members , Growth of Dairy Cooperatives, Milk Procurement, Milk Marketed and Number of Diary Cooperatives, Memberships of Dairy Cooperatives, Number of Consumer Cooperative Societies (Credit/Non-Credit) by Type, Cooperative Training Programmes under Overall Control of National Council of Cooperative Training of NCUI, Number of Milk Unions/Federations having Accumulated Profit/Loss, Status of Agro-Processing Cooperatives (Sugar), Status of Personal Educated/Trained under Cooperative Education Programmes, Indian Cooperative Movement at a glance, Reserves, Deposits and Working Capital of Primary Cooperative Banks (BR Act) etc. in India.

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